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Choose Your Storage Medium ... CD or Data DVD

First, whether you choose CD or DVD format, we use only Taiyo Yuden CD-R or DVD-R discs.  Taiyo Yuden Recordable DVD and CD media is the best of the best.  Used by professionals for mastering around the world, Japanese-made Taiyo Yuden is manufactured by the inventor of the CD-R disc.  Taiyo Yuden has the widest playback compatibility, the lowest error rates in recording, and comes with a 100-year data integrity guarantee.  We use printable CD and DVD discs for the highest quality, professional presentation of your finished photo to digital project.

Most people are familiar with CDs and most computers in use today have the ability to read almost any CD.  Data DVDs are no different from CDs in that they serve the same purpose - storage of digital information.  The main difference between the CD and the data DVD is the amount of information each holds.  A CD-R holds roughly 700mb of data while a data DVD-R holds roughly 4.7gb of data, nearly 7 times the volume of the CD-R.  The additional storage capacity of the data DVD-R creates a more organized project.  Because the data DVD holds so many more image files, your project will have fewer discs making it easier to locate specific photos without having to search numerous discs.

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION:  You must have a DVD Rom drive in your computer to read data DVD-R discs.  Data DVD-R discs do not play in DVD players and cannot be displayed on your television.  We offer DVD slideshows that are appropriate for TV viewing. 

Another important factor in deciding between CD-R and data DVD-R media is cost.  Our standard pricing includes up to three discs per order.  Additional discs, if needed to store your photo to digital image files, are priced at $5.00 each.  Because data DVD-R discs have so much more storage capacity than the CD-R discs (7 times the storage capacity), you may save money on your project by opting for the data DVD-R.  Refer to the chart below to help you decide which media is best for you.  You can also estimate the number of discs that will be needed to fill your order and the associated cost you can expect.


Number of Digital Image Files That Can Be Saved to One Disc
  Scanned at 300dpi Scanned at 600dpi
  CD Data DVD CD Data DVD
3 x 5 166 787 1200 5600 41 216 297 1565
4 x 6 103 464 746 3350 25 135 185 975
5 x 7 70 325 510 2350 17 100 127 725
8 x 10 30 162 221 1175 7 59 55 425

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